Agent Zero | via

Philly producer Agent Zero recently released his Nemesis EP. Sounds foreboding, but the name and cover art are slightly misleading, as the project is gentler than it appears.

The first song is the the title track “Nemesis” features. local rapper Acid Orphan. The dark instrumental builds suspense that settles rather than explodes. There’s a good balance between the whispery vocals and the tart rap, although definitely an acquired taste for some.

“Bad Mouth” features the NYC vocal percussion collective Beatbox House. The track opens with unassuming acoustic guitar before introducing the gritty synths and punchy beatboxing, which makes the song more interesting than a typical EDM track. The song manages to busy without being messy.

Closing out the project “Sub Dub.” The intro features a heavy reverb and builds slowly before introducing some ghostly vocals and settling into itself. This track is probably the most easily digestible for those who aren’t fans of electronic music, and it sounds like a great choice for an action movie trailer.

Overall, the project has a dark and interesting sound that manages to keep that face melting quality EDM fans love, while being mellow enough for newcomers.

Check out Agent Zero’s Nemesis EP below. Agent Zero is performing at William Street Common on Friday, February 2. Tickets and information for the show can be found here.