Hemming | photo by Matthew Shaver | www.brightloud.com

If you’re familiar with local songwriter Candice Martello’s Hemming project, then you’ll recognize the vocals on Less Precious, the first album from the new project Littless. Here’s the twist, though — the mastermind behind the songs on the new LP is Hemming’s keyboardist, Kyle Graham. Graham wrote the songs over an eight-year period, and enlisted Martello to provide lead vocals. The duo recorded along with a few other members of Hemming’s live band, plus Jake Detwiler and Timeshares’ Jon Hernandez.

The nine-track record balances Martello’s sharp vocals with heavy, biting electronic bits that take traditional synth-pop to a new level. Graham cites inspirations from St. Vincent, to Sharon Van Etten, to Dirty Projectors, but the songs stand wholly on their own, defying genre and giving us even more proof of the power of Philly collaboration. Listen below.