Ryan Adams | Photo by Noah Silvestry | silvestography.com

Rock and roll singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a brand new love song called “Baby I Love You.” The track, which you can listen to below, jangles like The Posies and Big Star, with church bell accents and a big chorus. But Ryan Adams being Ryan Adams, it flips the scripts just a bit — so instead of a saccharine, lovey-dovey outlook, its lyrics come off like a story of desperation, even with the big uplift of the chorus.

As a press statement describes it, “Baby I Love You” is:

A song to one’s baby, whom they love—a unique twist on Ryan Adams’ classic recipe, with key ingredient ‘sad’ replaced ‘happy.’

Listen below. Adams most recent LP was 2017’s Prisoner, and he played the Tower in support of it in May.