Hour | photo by Bob Sweeney | courtesy of the artist

Local instrumental supergroup Hour packs a lot into their quiet, delicate sounds. The group’s latest release, Tiny Houses, is out now, and showcases Hour at their finest, their skilled instrumentalists stepping away from their various other projects to pour their talent into a collective sound.

Mike Cormier, Abi Reimold, Evangeline Krajewski, Matt Fox, Friendship’s Pete Gill and Naps’ Jason Calhoun are the faces behind Hour, and each musician is responsible for a different sound on the ten-track record, from violin to guitar to drums to field recordings (you’ll hear a bird chirp or two). The result is a stunningly intricate type of music that takes the listener to a place that resembles the quiet emptiness of a winter day among nature more than it does the noisy streets of Philadelphia.

Listen to Tiny Houses below and watch a live performance of “The Passion of Joan of Arc.” Hour celebrates the release of the new record with a show Feb. 17 at Love House with Lina Tullgren and Ylayali. Find more information on the show’s event page.