Slingshot Dakota, circa 2004 | via

Slingshot Dakota is the kind of band that’s never not up to something. Their last EP Broken came out a year ago, and the year before that saw the release of the LP Break. Since, they’ve kept busy with endless touring and reportedly have a new record in the works.

The Bethlehem rockers are a duo these days, with Carly Comando on keys and vocals and Tom Patterson on drums. But fourteen (fourteen!) years ago, they started out as a three-piece, Comando joined by Jeff Cunningham on guitar and vocals and Pat Schramm on drums. The band’s first album, 2004’s Keener Sighs, featured this original lineup. Long absent from the internet, Keener Sighs is now back and available on Slingshot Dakota’s Bandcamp — and even though the band is a bit louder and a lot less emo these days, their very first album has stood the test of time.

Take a trip back in Slingy D history and listen to the album below. If you want to compare the sonic difference the years can make, take a look at Slingshot Dakota’s recent Audiotree Live session here.