Hardwork Movement | photo by Ashley Gellman-LaLima for WXPN

Philly trumpeter Becca Graham from hip-hop family Hardwork Movement just released her first solo project [i] under the banner Honeychile, a stage name drawn from an affectionate greeting.

From her Soundcloud bio:

“Honey chile, or honey child: (NOUN) Originally Irish English, now chiefly United States regional (southern and in African-American usage). A sweetheart, a darling. Chiefly as a form of address, originally especially to a child.”

Each track on [i] sounds completely different, but they work well together as a whole. The four tracks show different sides of Graham, musically and personally. Her vocals are spoken-word heavy with jazz and blues influences, and you can hear that in her track “My Man” where she channels her inner Etta James. In the nine member group Hardwork Movement, she was well-known for her skills on the trumpet, but didn’t have as much room to truly explore her other passions, like getting behind the mic. With her solo project,  she is now able to creatively express herself beyond her horn.

Below, check out Becca Graham’s solo project [i], and get lost in the sweet vibes. For more, watch Hardwork Movement’s Key Presents video, where Graham sings “Don’t Block The Sun” with Dani Gershkoff in City Hall.