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An anonymous Philly based Soundcloud account by the name of hidingplaceplace has been uploading downloadable tracks from their obscure record collection online. There’s a wide range of genres to sift through, from soul to world music ballads to rap to country. There’s something for everyone in there. There’s also more niche stuff thrown in the mix, namely this awesome lo-fi gospel rendition of “Silent Night” by The Unknown Stars, which stretches the Christmas carol out to six (!) minutes long.

One of the best aspects of this curated account — which, as of publication time, is 563 songs deep and boasts 1,492 followers — is the subtle commentary from the author that’s included in the song titles. They include the name of the song and the artist if they have it, and throw in a quick descriptive blurb to let you know what you’re about to get into. Sometimes the little descriptions are helpful in terms of genre, and sometimes they say things like “(scarce, superb popcorn 45)” which is not helpful, but still hilarious.

I love the idea of this account because it makes the whole crate-digging record store experience a little more accessible, especially for those who don’t have a record store in their area — or don’t want to walk into a record store to be judged by hipsters and jazz bros.

Check out hidingplaceplace for yourself down below!

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