Moor Mother | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Philly’s Moor Mother is featured in a new episode of Moog Music’s new mini documentary series Sonic Origins, shot at last year’s Moogfest as well as in her hometown. In the video, she takes a trip around Philly, with behinds the scenes clips of her performing, creating, and teaching.

She mentions her Philly upbringing and the lack of resources available to poor people. She also talks about the very relatable experience of jamming out in her room alone, dreaming of having the chance to make music, and how the instruments she uses act as a medium to translate the music inside of her.

Moor Mother also reflects on her influences, her creative process, the visible impact her music has been able to make, and her approach to live performances. The mini-doc ends on a brighter note, as Moor Mother mentions that she’s learned from quantum physics that anything is possible, thus we can change anything we want to, especially through music.

Watch the documentary down below.