Family Volleyball | photo by Alana Gardner | via the artist’s Facebook page

Local basement scene-ers Family Volleyball may be solidly in the ‘band name = family member + random sport’ camp, but if their new release is any indication, they’re in no danger of being lost in the herd. It’s been a few years since Family Volleyball joined us for a Key Studio Session, and the band, made up of Ethan Kerr, Owen Zieger, Harry Welsh, Michael Zicchinolfi and John Moran, doesn’t show any signs of slowing down — their new LP Juliana is out now, and it’s brimming with all the soft yet catchy tunes we could ask for.

Family Volleyball shared the synthy single “Pretty” last month, and the airy, lo-fi “Socialize” way back in September. Now, the full album brings us seven more tracks to jam out to. Juliana is equal parts sunny and wistful, dreamy and nostalgic. Standouts include the spirited “Nikki” and the delicately harmonic “Spacewalking,” but all together they form a stunningly lush collection of songs that are perfect for getting lost in.

Listen to Juliana in full below. Family Volleyball celebrates with a release show this Saturday, March 10 at The Meadow; Earthboy, Dog Event, Jawncarlo and Driver also play. Find info here.