Cayetana | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Creator, tinkerer, weirdo, thinker, freak (all self-described), and local musician Allegra Anka has released two solo tracks on the EP dreams we talk about. Unlike Anka’s main project, the punk trio Cayetana, this pair of songs takes on a more lo-fi home-recorded indie-pop stance. Thanks, in part, to the programmed drum machine and filtered, layered vocals, Anka creates something distinctly their own.

On the opening track, “walls,” Anka’s beautifully filtered, trance-inducing voice is accompanied by a sunny lead guitar line, similar to Depression Cherry-era Beach House. Slowly adding layer upon layer, building up to the final movement, Anka quickly strips back the instrumentation until all that remains are the fading vocals. Second track “even bees” is more of a self-reflective slow burner. Anka lyrically cites poet E.E. Cummings’ work “Since Feeling Is First” in the second verse, and the track contains backup vocals from Matt Schimelfenig of Three Man Cannon.

Stream the pair of tracks below via Bandcamp, and keep an ear to the ground for more material in the future.