Coping Skills | photo by Josh Stewart | courtesy of WXPN

Philly duo Coping Skills knows exactly what the essentials are. On the band’s short and sweet new single, which we first heard during their Key Studio Session last year, Lauren Delucca and Rachel Dispenza make sure we learn what the three key ingredients to self-care are, too. According to Coping Skills, that would be a bagel, fruit, and water.

It’s not all as jokey as it may sound, though. The song touches on the very real tendency we have to not take care of ourselves: “My body is a temple, but I treat it like my neighbor’s house/ All boarded up and completely worn down,” the band sings. “Bagel Fruit Water” is the second single from Coping Skills’ forthcoming, cleverly named LP, Worst New Music — earlier this month the band shared “I’d Rather Not (Yeah).”

DeLucca told Stereogum:

“‘Bagel Fruit Water’ is a kind of hilarious string of words that, when juxtaposed with the not-so-hilarious concept of feeling like your body is falling apart due to poor nutrition or lack of sleep or just a general indifference to having a body at all, produces a song that is equal parts ridiculous and affecting, which embodies our whole schtick pretty well.”

Worst New Music is out April 13 on Citywide Records. Coping Skills has three upcoming Philly dates — catch them March 23 at JJ’s Diner, April 12 at Johnny Brenda’s or May 12 at Everybody Hits. Listen to “Bagel Fruit Water” below (and don’t forget to stay hydrated).

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