Image via Bandcamp

Philly band Mattress Food has dropped a new single “Gold Burner” from their upcoming project Moon Town, out April 14th. We know the four-piece band via its lead guitarist, Wallace Gerdy, who just released an awesome retro-rock solo single of her own. With her Mattress Food bandmates, the atmosphere is dialed up.

“Gold Burner” starts off with a noisy, clashing mix of drums and guitar that fades and eases into the melody, coming in and out of the track when appropriate. Acoustic guitar is interestingly mixed in, which helps balance out some of the noisiness of the other instruments. The track features Sami Rahman’s raspy, pop punk vocals, singing lyrics about doing drugs and flying through sunbeams, and there’s a lo-fi fog over everything.

The noisey pop band has two shows coming up. On April 10th, they’ll be playing Bourbon & Branch, which you can get tickets and information for here, and on April 14th, they’ll be at Lancaster’s Lizard Lounge. Tickets and information for that show can be found here. In the meantime, if you like the single, pre-order the upcoming album Moon Town here, and listen to the single down below.