The Retinas | photo by Ashley Cordoba | courtesy of the artist

Local rockers The Retinas returned this month with the release of their latest EP, Andy. Earlier this year we speculated the future of the band after the group’s Bandcamp page was wiped, but thankfully they were working on new tracks and shooting videos for many of those songs. Adding on to the previously released music videos for “Checked Out,” “Valium,” and “Replace Myself,” the band has now released the music video for “Wretched Time.”

The track “Wretched Time”, as the title suggests, is a reflection on the troubling times we’re currently living in. The track is certainly a standout from the EP and deservedly received the music video treatment. Speaking on the video, the band relayed:

“We live in a really surreal time, that seems very scary and limiting to a lot of people. With all the violence and hatred that’s going on in the world, it feels like the only thing that makes sense anymore is art. This song and video means a lot to us, and was written at a time where it felt like the world was stagnant and closing in.”

The Retinas’ next gig is this Friday, April 6th. Check out the Facebook event page for more details, and view the music video to “Wretched Time” in full below.