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Lojii | photo by LORDAZVNEXVX | via facebook.com/lofilojii

Philly rapper Lojii has recently released a chill, experimental hip hop album full of mellow, fresh beats called lofye. It features an array of producers who each bring something different to the table but who create a cohesive sound that remains true to the artist. In Lojii’s own words: “…this is an LP about being rooted in the dirt you come from but reaching for the sky above you.”

Some stand out tracks from the project include “lo in the jungle” and “six9” featuring Vida Jafari. The beat is an organic mix of clear drums, bass, synth, and nature sounds. That more literal approach to the production could easily have gone wrong, but producer Thook keeps the beat fun and tasteful. Lojii himself gets poetic on the track with lyrics like “I just see poor lost children / Looking at the sky / Blood dripping from the diamonds in their eyes”

Another favorite of mine is “six9” which features ethereal vocals from Vida Jafari. Heaprize’s production on this track brings a refreshing bit of a change of pace to the album, and features a rich bass groove throughout. Vida Jafari’s vocal harmonies are a welcome gentle spark that mixes well with the bass of Lojii’s mellow flows. Towards the end, Lojii raps “You can plan the trip but can’t predict the weather,” staying true to the album’s message of making the best of what you have while still striving for more.

Overall the project stays committed to the cohesive, chill aesthetic. Nothing on this project is overly loud, and that works well, proving that you don’t need to scream to be heard clearly. The production is consistent yet diverse, with each producer’s color showing through. Lojii raps interesting, tempered flow from which sharp bits of wisdom stand out.

Listen to Lojii’s new LP lofye down below.

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