Dominy | photo by Bob Sweeney | courtesy of the artist

You can’t blame Philly rockers Dominy for being not quite sure how to dress for the weather anymore. Between dreary rain, invigorating sun, random-ass snow, and more rain, and a tiny bit of sun for a minute before yet more rain, climate confusion this spring is high.

So when the Philly four-piece went to film another playful, Bob Sweeney-directed music video to add to its catalogue — check the very fun “Leather Jacket Song,” released earlier this year — and the setting is out of doors, you can tell that these gents are as uncertain as anyone what that means.

As gauzey synths sing and retro-rock guitars jangle on the song “Sunday Morning,” the band dances around in short shorts and knee-high socks topped with heavy sweaters and jackets. It’s not unsunny, but there is snow on the ground. As the catchy song progresses (and this band is nothing if not masters of catchiness), the temperature clearly warms, the nonsensicality of the scene fades away, and we’re left with a bunch of fun dudes delivering irresistible pop in two minutes and 42, a fine way to spend a Sunday morning indeed.

The song can be found on Dominy’s full-length album Wet Leather, released back in January. The band — comprised of singer-guitarist John Dominy, keyboardist Alex Dominy, guitarist Michael Youngkin and drummer Zak Iannitelli — has its next local show on May 19th at The Barbary, headlining a stacked gig with Honeytiger, Grace Vonderkuhn and Lito & The Shepherds. More information can be found at its Facebook event page.