Resilient | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

Known for leading Philly rock band Resilient, lead singer-guitarist Erin Fox can do no wrong with her new single “Your Joy”, the title track from her new solo EP. Her last outing, do it yourself heartbreak, showed a more pop rock side of Fox while “Your Joy” emphasizes more of her vulnerable and emotional side. Her vocals on the track are mesmerizing and create an atmosphere that provokes your mind to wander off.

“Your Joy” is showing us a side of Fox that has not been previously seen, and this sparks up the question — what is to be expected with the other four tracks of the upcoming EP? As we wait for to find out, listen to “Your Joy” below, and grab a pre-order of the album on Bandcamp. Erin Fox celebrates the release of the new EP at Tusk on South Street on Saturday, July 14th; tickets and more information can be found at Facebook.

Your Joy Tracklist:
Tomorrow’s Yesterday
Your Joy
Plain Sight
No One to Look For