Local indie band Moonroof’s roots go all the way back to Bloomsburg University where these young lads met and performed at various open mic nights then moved up to bars and clubs around the area. Now, their eyes are set on spreading the love to the underground Philadelphia music scene with their emo-pop space jams.

The five-piece recently released their first official EP Good Luck Out There, with six original songs. Opener “Tom’s Diary” hits you with a classic guitar riff to start the song then leads into main singer Dave Kim’s angsty vocals. “Marry Annette” is a sweet upbeat, playful track that’ll lightly touch your heart. “Simple Fix” digs into relationship struggles and how there is no simple fix. “Same Page” is a song you can sway and jam out to on a nice day with some buds. “Silent Film” slows things down and gets pretty sentimental. “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” follows a steady tempo at the beginning while Kim gets all emotional. All of a sudden, the whole mood changes because the guitar and drums get more aggressive and fast-paced. In short, it’s awesome.

Moonroof is comprised of Kim on vocals, along with Dan Rendine on drums, guitarist / keyboardist Nick Cellucci, bassist Kevin Randolph, and former Key intern Nick Tate on guitar. They will will be performing in West Chester tonight at the 91.7 WCUR Acoustic House Show with Harcus Marrison & The Whippits, FOR VERY, Halifax. Don’t wait, go out, and get thrown back into your angsty emo days with the lads. For more information on the event, click here. Below, listen to Moonroof’s debut EP Good Luck Out There.