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This is the Kit | photo by Ellen Miller for WXPN |

Exactly seven months after her last trip across the pond, This is the Kit was back in Fishtown for round two at Johnny Brenda’s. On Saturday night, Kate Stables played new and old songs with her full band to the nearly filled Johnny Brenda’s room fans.

With Kate Stables in the audience, Adam Schatz (of the band Landlady) kicked off the night with an intriguing solo set during he rotated between a tenor saxophone, keys, and vocals. Schatz started by covering a Fiona Apple song, catching people’s attention, before continuing the set with a handful of his own music. Rotating between vocals and various instruments he kept himself busy throughout every song he played and was clearly putting his all into the set. Between songs he very conversational with the audience and at one point even passed around his little orange notebook telling everyone to write a note to him or just an email address if they would like. Adam introduced his last song as “the most patriotic song I’ve ever wrote” and got everyone singing along to close his opening set, but that was not the last we saw of Adam on stage.

Adam Schatz | Photo by- Ellen Miller for WXPN |

Landlady | photo by Ellen Miller for WXPN |

This is the Kit took the stage after a quick reorganization of gear, and Schatz was back up there again, playing in the band. Johnny Brenda’s had filled up pretty well by this time and Kate Stables eased everyone in with a solo song called “Two Pence Piece.” Right off the bat the stage was more full than her October show at Johnny Brenda’s, when the band was only a trio made up of Staples, a bassist, and a drummer. On Saturday night there was another guitarist, a horn player, and Adam Schatz added, turning last year’s trio into an expansive band.

This is the Kit - Photo by- Ellen Miller for WXPN |

This is the Kit | photo by Ellen Miller for WXPN |

After the first solo song, that band joined in for a couple older songs before playing more from This Is The Kit’s most recent album Moonshine Freeze, including “Bullet Proof” and title track “Moonshine Freeze”. While more of the set was filled with newer tracks off the recent album there was overall a good balance of older favorites mixed in to keep things interesting.

Check out a gallery of photos from the show as well as a setlist below.


  1. Two Pence Piece
  2. Sometimes the Sea
  3. Silver John
  4. Bullet Proof
  5. Empty No Teeth
  6. Moonshine Freeze
  7. By My Demon Eye
  8. All Written Out in Numbers
  9. Waterproof
  10. Solid Grease
  11. Hotter Colder
  12. Bashed Out
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