Spiritualized | photo by Mathias Nielsen | via Wikimedia Commons

After a six-year hiatus, Spiritualized announced the release of a new album, And Nothing Hurt, out September. Jason Pierce reportedly did the recording by himself and it will likely be the project’s last record. The preview consists of two singles, “I’m Your Man” and “A Perfect Miracle.” If these songs are any indication, the album will prove to be a cinematic masterpiece of a finale. Spiritualized expands its breadth beyond the traditional vein of shoegaze and dream-pop; “A Perfect Miracle” begins simply enough, with just a strumming ukulele, before ultimately culminating in climactic drum rolls and orchestral accompaniment. “I’m Your Man” comes with a dreamy short film, cut with grainy footage of Pierce wandering landscapes in an astronaut suit that feels a tad reminiscent of Bowie. Watch below, and listen to both singles via Spotify.