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Yesterday, WXPN debuted “Nothing Gold Can Last” by Found Wild, a new project comprised of Good Old War members Keith Goodwin and Tim Arnold, and if you don’t think I’m the MOST excited about this collab, then you’re wrong. (They’re at the very beginning stages, so an Instagram link is all I can share with you at the moment). To make it even better, they’ll be opening Anthony Green’s Avalon tour this summer before Good Old War in its entirety takes the stage. It’s a little mind-boggling, everybody just playing within different variations of the same band, but I have hope that Found Wild will stray from the typical GOW sound into something more unique.

Arnold and Goodwin have been making music together in one form or another for nearly twenty years, when they first started Days Away, a project that I still miss. These guys have always been best buds with Philly’s favorite Anthony Green, and the collaborations that have come out of these relationships have been some of my all-time favorites. From the pop punk of Days Away to the psych rock of The Sound of Animals Fighting to Good Old War to Anthony Green’s solo band, the talent seems to never end, and, no matter what form they play in, I will always, always be in the crowd.

I can already tell that what sets Found Wild apart from Good Old War is its conception, essentially. Goodwin has said that this project came from a place of darkness in both his and Arnold’s lives and the need to make music to deal with whatever traumas come their way has never stopped, and probably never will. I think we’re in for something deep with Found Wild, and on June 25th, right before the Avalon tour kicks off, we’ll have our answer.

Check out a teaser for “Nothing Gold Can Last” and a sweet message about what Found Wild really is from Keith Goodwin himself.

I was trying to wait to post about this until there was somewhere I could send you to listen to music but I’m too psyched. Tim and I have been making music together for something like 20 years now. Over the years we’ve written songs on the side for Tim to sing but for whatever reasons we never saw them through to sharing with you all. Last year on my birthday @jennyjoygoodwin gave me studio time to record some music outside of Good Old War. The idea was to make music to make music detached from any business. I originally thought we could go back through all of the songs we started over the years and make some good versions of them. But a week before we went in the studio we decided to write some brand new songs. Tim and I had a rough few years leading up to this. A lot of life happened and we thought it was a good idea to write about it grab an accurate record of where we were and use it as a form of therapy. So many great talented people have helped us bring this together and I’d like to thank them all. So psyched to share this with you. @thefoundwild @timothyjohnarnold @anthonygreen666 @willyipmusic @worldcupp @jaronolevsky @philipdagostino @davidbassiri @alitronwadsbot @iamaliciawalter @jasonlehning @undercarriage @littlerollingthunder @katee_rohrer @kirbysybert thanks to @wxpnfm @helenleicht for debuting the song yesterday! ❤️❤️

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