Brockhampton | photo by Ashlan Grey | courtesy of the artist

Not too long ago, the internet’s first boy band Brockhampton announced their short break due to the allegations of Ameer Van’s physical and emotional abuse towards two women. On Wednesday, Brockhampton returned to the spotlight making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They debuted a new song titled “Tonya” from the upcoming album the best years of our lives via Question Everything/RCA Records. Their performance, featuring Philadelphia R&B icon Jazmine Sullivan, New York one-of a kind experimental pop artist serpentwithfeet, and Youtube sensation pop singer Ryan Beatty, really hits ya. I’ve been a huge fan of Jazmine Sullivan since 2008 and seeing her performance with those rich and silky vocals put me in the grave. It’s 2008 and she’s still killin’ the game.

Brockhampton’s new single reflects a more deeply emotional side of the young men. We know the group for their bouncy, catchy tracks like “Boogie”and “Bleach” from their third album Saturation III. Well, “Tonya” is different. It has a more soulful approach with some haunting lyrical work, saying “And I’ve been feelin’ like I dont matter how I used to” and “I said, I’ll try vacation, and I’ll try to run away / I deleted Facebook, I’ll trade fame any day / For a quiet Texas place and a barbecue plate.” These guys have had a wild year and have gone through a lot of changes with the rise in fame. They did it on their own for the longest time, releasing a trilogy in one year and caught the attention of many. Earlier this year, they got signed by Sony Music. Everything was going up for them, quickly, and then they lost a group member, Ameer Van, due to some serious allegations. 

The guys originally were going to release Team Effort in May and PUPPY in June then decided not to. I’m actually really happy they decide to hold off on those albums to release the best years of our lives. By the sound of the title, I have a feeling that this record will showcase a different side of the group, a more introspective and personal one.

Below, watch Brockhampton debut their new single “Tonya” from their upcoming album the best years of our lives on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.