Bermuda Triangle | photo by Ashley Gellman for WXPN |

Early Friday evening concert goers lounged on picnic blankets before the Marina Stage, despite bruise-colored clouds threatening rain. The Nashville power trio Bermuda Triangle were undeterred by the whipping winds and distant thunder. They opened with “Tear Us Apart,” Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes plucking at an upright bass. On “Suzanne,” Howard’s voice took the forefront, dipping and rising with impressive range, drifting harmonies adding breathtaking tenderness.

They confessed that this was their first festival, adding, “Usually we play dark lit halls with shots of tequila.” Guitarist Becca Mancari, in a striped jumpsuit and white fringe jacket, introduced “Rosie” with a tidbit of backstory: “We wrote this while staying in Jimmy Buffett’s cabin, we had a wild night and stayed up to eight in the morning.”

Rushed by the weather, the trio ended with their self-proclaimed theme song, “Bermuda Triangle,” a stringy banjo-backed tune as otherworldly and mythical as its namesake, followed by “Suzanne.” Check out photos from the set below.

Tear Us Apart
Mind Body Soul
Short & Sweet