Sonni Shine | photo via

Philly singer-songwriter Sonni Shine got her start in the breezy reggae-tinged band The Underwater Sounds, but in more recent years she’s branched out in a variety of directions. She’s collaborated with trancey electronic music producer goldenSpiral, she’s played guitar in Zeek Burse’s funk-soul band, and next month she releases her first solo album.

Reconcile is out September 7th via Bandcamp, and if you’re a fan of any nook of the past four decades of singer-songwriter-dom, there’s something in here for you. You’ll hear spoken word verses set to drum circle percussion, you’ll hear Ani DiFranco-ian turns of phrase, you’ll hear touches of Fiona Apple-esque introspection, and you’ll hear soul grooves that glide like Janis Ian.

The lead single, “Someone like You,” definitely feels like the latter as it slinks along for four minutes and change of contemplative keys, smooth bass, and a voice pining for a sort of companionship that might be unattainable. 
From the album credits listed on Bandcamp, it sounds like Sonni has enlisted a roster of top-notch Philadelphians to aid her on the record — Arjun Dube from Trap Rabbit on drums, Pablo Batista on percussion, Matt Cappy on trumpet, Elliott Levin on flute, and more. “I’m honored to feature so many Philly artists on this album and to chronicle a journey of self-discovery, living as an artist, and love lost and gained,” she writes.

Listen to “Someone Like You” below, and grab a pre-order of Reconcile at Bandcamp. The album is out September 7th, and Sonni Shine and her band celebrate its release on September 15th at MilkBoy. Tickets and more information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.