Vampire Weekend at Lollapalooza | photo by Timothy Hiatt | via Billboard

When Vampire Weekend took the Lallapalooza stage in Chicago last weekend, the crowd went wild for their opener “A Punk,” their first big hit from the start of their career.

And then they went wild again when the band played it a second time.

And then they figured something was up…

The band played their ultra-hype tune three times in a row as the opener to their festival set. I suppose if you’re going to make an entrance after a long, long time out of the spotlight, you might as well go all out. Along with other hits like “Step,” “Diane Young,” “Unbelievers,” “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” and so many more, frontman Ezra Koenig’s also shared some exciting news: Vampire Weekend’s first release since 2013’s epic Modern Vampires of the City is due out before the end of year. It’s all done and in the mastering stage, according to Billboard. It’s been a five year drag since we’ve heard anything from them, and from the social media reaction when Koenig graciously shared new songs with the crowd from a cell phone after their set, we’re in for something big.

Vampire Weekend is basically the epitome of fun. They threw in a SBTRKT cover of “New Dorp. New York” featuring the entirety of the Seinfeld theme song on the bass.

Lollapalooza wrapped up August 5th after hosting A-level acts like Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, Post Malone, The Weeknd., and Portugal. The Man. You can find livestreams of the sets here.