AllegrA Random Tea Session | still from video

AllegrA, the indie-folk project of Allegra Eidinger, dropped their self-titled LP last year, a compilation of basement pop narratives sung in a low, almost sedated tone. In the latest episode of Random Tea Sessions, AllegrA unveiled a brand new song called “Spoon or Fork.” Performing solo, Eidinger maintains a strong presence, filling up the entire space without their extra band members. They are captivating to watch, their enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious. It’s that resurfacing smile, which lights the room with a warm, embracing glow.

The song showcases Eidinger’s precision and skill as a guitarist, their fingers skipping effortlessly across the fretboard. “We can order Chinese food and sit on the floor / Do you have a spoon or fork?” they sing, inquisitive and observational, leading us through the displacement of moving into a new house, which can be uncomfortable and weird.

Established in 2012, the Random Tea Sessions showcase local Philadelphia musicians and are filmed by Key photographer Koof Ibi Umoren in Northern Liberties’ Random Tea Room. Watch AllegrA’s session below, and check out some more sessions here.