Petal | photo by Katie Krulock | courtesy of the artist

Petal has been showcasing her songwriting recently with release of her new album Magic Gone, but her latest project takes her fully into cover song territory. Kiley Lotz has teamed up with Brooklyn songwriter Kevin Devine for the latest in his Devinyl Splits series, which periodically releases 7″ splits featuring songs by Devine and different guest artists.

Petal’s half of the split is a rendition of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “You Got Lucky,” the lead single from their album Long After Dark. Minus the psychedelic synths of the 1982 original, Petal’s version takes the song in a new direction that is both heavy and sparse at the same time, with toned-down acoustic guitar and Lotz’s emotion-filled powerhouse vocals at the forefront. The full Petal / Kevin Devine split will be released September 28; Devine’s half will also feature a Tom Petty cover. The first Devinyl Splits were released in 2015-2016, and the next run, Devinyl Splits Vol. 2, will continue throughout 2018 and 2019 with collaborators including David Bazan and Craig Finn.

Listen below. Petal plays a WPRB-sponsored concert in Princeton this Saturday, September 8th, and opens for Mt. Joy at Union Transfer on September 14; find tickets and more information on the XPN Concert Calendar.