Timur | photo by Bob Sweeney | courtesy of the artist

There isn’t much information out there about Russian-born, Philly-based artist Tim Timur, but it’s clear he believes that he’s invented a new style of music. The latest track from the former leader of Timur and the Squad, “From Russia With Doves,” has an emo / electronic thing happening: think early Linkin Park but quieter. Pounding drum beats build to a cinematic climax behind echoey, distant vocals. The track trails off into nature sounds, birds chirping in a some creepy, mountainous woods.

Keith Abrams of Pine Barons is credited for production, arrangement and mixing. In an Instagram post, the artist commented, “I can feel is the excitement of making new music that sounds like nothing else and shows who I am and my Russian soul, chirping in the heart of America.”

Check out the track below.