Half Waif | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman | jeremy-zim.com

In the latest episode of music documentary series Shaking Through, Half Waif records a new song called “Every Animal.” The song is accompanied with a making-of doc that reveals the collaborative process that goes into recording a single. Frontwoman Nandi Rose Plunkett is joined in the studio by Aidan Carlo on bass and guitar, and Robin Baytas on drums.

Plunkett’s voice is resilient, a stone pillar supporting a temple roof–without her, the song would crumble. Her hair-raising vocals create an ethereal mood, hanging afloat over a grounded bed of synths and bass. The song combines both electronic and acoustic instrumentation, a mixture that seemed to be a source of frustration in the recording process as the band experimented to find a perfect balance. The result is a seamlessly blended track, a luminescent moonrise on a clear night.

The long-running Shaking Through series, produced by the folks at Weathervane Music, strives to connect creative minds and build community through the music recording process. On Weathervane’s episode page, Plunkett stated:

“If people can hear your music and feel more in tune with their feelings, it leads to greater compassion, and when we operate from a place of compassion we ultimately are enacting positive change.”

Half Waif is opening for (Sandy) Alex G November 17th at First Unitarian Church, tickets + info here. Check out the full song and the making-of doc below.