Readership | via Bandcamp

Local indie four-piece Readership are big fans of the 80s college rock era; any listen to their back catalog would have hinted this. For their new EP Hackbreaker, out November 2nd, they bring that loving homage to the forefront.

Two short and fun tracks from the EP are streaming at Readership’s Bandcamp right now. There’s “Meet Me At The Mall,” a B-52s via Mission of Burma jam that is markedly different from “Let’s Go To The Mall” (shoutouts How I Met Your Mother fans) in terms of its musical influence, but with lyrical references to food courts and Radio Shack, the spirit of 80s suburban commerce is there. “My Sitcom With Keven James” is a but more Athens, Georgia derived — not explicitly R.E.M., nor Camper Van, but somewhere between those two worlds over the course of a boot stomping minute 39.

Take a listen to the Hackbreaker teaser below, and grab a pre-order of the whole thing at Bandcamp.