Juice | photo via juiceisgood.bandcamp.com

On their Bandcamp pageJuice describe themselves as “four freaks freakin’.” And that’s pretty much all we know about the Philly band, which has quietly been playing some gigs around town and released a five-track EP called 100% via hometown label Get Better Records last week.

Juice may be one of the newest bands in town, but it’s made up of veteran musicians, including members of Louie Louie, Ursula and Dark Web. They’re not even the only band called Juice, but there’s no chance of confusing them, as their vibe veers toward the opposite of the seven-piece boy band that shares their name (thankfully). The EP’s five tracks are loud and scrappy, ranging in tone from upbeat punk (“For Plants Hanging”) to dark and brooding rock (“Highway”). The band members share vocals, but it’s the fuzzy instrumentals that stand out the most, driving each song with a persistent grit that cements Juice’s place in the Philly scene.

Listen to 100% below.