Reef The Lost Cauze | Photo by Josh Pelta-Heller for WXPN |

A slinky, descending bassline greets you on the cinematic new track from veteran Philly MC Reef The Lost Cauze, setting the tone for contemplation as much as vainglorious swagger.

Produced by frequent collaborator Caliph-Now, “Stay Golden” opens The Majestic, a new project slated to drop on December 29th, and in it, Reef plays a role he relishes: the hip-hop sage, the seasoned, wizened veteran who is confident that his skills set him a permanent plane above both his peers and the next generation. But he’s not combative; he wants to see solidarity, he wants to push his fellow rappers to collective greatness: “You should want for your fam what you want for yourself / don’t ask how you can gain, you should ask how you can help.”

Listen to “Stay Golden” below; and keep your sights set on Bandcamp for more on the album release as it rolls out.