Cory Paternoster | via

“I believe in an unanimous equality. but I believe in a society that does not agree with me,” sings Lancaster’s Cory Paternoster. “I don’t say much on the matter, but I think it’s starting to matter.”

These lyrics come from “The Art Of Collapsing,” the latest single by the tubthumper of Central PA four-piece The Mellowells, outline the disconnect of somebody who is slowly starting to realize the harm in not speaking up about the ills they see around them.

As Paternoster puts it, the song was “inspired by the act of being surrounded by ideals that don’t match yours, and while you are tolerant, it slowly tears you apart.” Musically, he conveys those feelings through jangling, clean-tone electric guitar chords and a wearied deadpan that builds to a full-throttle scream on the chorus. The single — which also features a lovely tune called “Glovehanded,” written for Paternoster’s partner of three years — were recorded at Noisy Little Critter Studio in Thorndale, and you can take a listen below.