Pouty | photo by Emily Alden | via poutypouty.bandcamp.com

Pouty is the solo project of Rachel Gagliardi, formerly of Slutever. In the last few years the Philly artist has jetted back and forth between her hometown and Los Angeles, where she is primarily based. Her latest release, out now via Get Better Records, was written and recorded in Philadelphia with the help of Al Creedon (Control Top) and drummer Ricardo Lagamasino (Lucy Dacus).

Lead track “Adulting” describes the anxiety and doubt that accompanies coming of age and doing “adult” things for the first time. Gagliardi’s vocals are bright and sugary, the guitar driving urgently. Her head swirls with uncertainty, the lyrics yearning for freedom from the burden of adult responsibilities. “Not For You” hits that garage pop sweet spot with fuzzy, amped-up guitars, darkening with every minor note.

Give the new singles a listen below.