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Fire up that old Walkman – the 80s are back! Well, at least for the next couple weeks. Introducing this year’s WXPN A-Z theme – the 80s. As we did with the first A-Z, where we played every song in our massive music library, and last year’s all 70s A-Z, we’ll be digging through our library once again to bring you the hits, the misses, the deep tracks, and the one hit wonders of the Eighties.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll be going 24-7, until we’re done, starting Wednesday, November 28 starting with the Morning Show. We’ll be putting all of our specialty shows on hold for the duration, in order for us to play the thousands and thousands of songs from the 80s.


Three years ago, during our Greatest Year In Music countdown we laid out the case for why the 80s had some of the greatest years in music. It was the decade of Prince, Madonna, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Talking Heads, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, U2, The Replacements, Run DMC, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths, and more. Paul Simon took us to Graceland, we were introduced to the amazing debut of a new singer-songwriter named Tracy Chapman and the debut of a new band from Athens, Georgia: R.E.M. Genres like New Jack Swing, New Wave, Glam-metal, indie-rock, synth-pop, punk rock, and rap and hip-hop music were swirling in heavy motion.

Below, listen to a handful of songs from the 80s, and be listening starting Wednesday, November 28th at 8am for XPN’s 80s A-Z. Tell your friends to listen and be sure to join the conversation on social media with #XPNAtoZ

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