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Have you been looking for a curated Spotify playlist of 200 hours of eighties tunes in alphabetical order? Then consider your search over! As we did with the first A-Z, where we played every song in our massive music library, and last year’s all 70s A-Z, this year we dug through our library once again to bring you the hits, the misses, the deep tracks, and the one hit wonders of the eighties! From November 28 to December 9, 2018, the 80s #XPNAtoZ listeners were presented with over 3,000 songs that were released over the decade – and boy did it stir up a conversation

Now it’s time to reflect back – so we present to you the complete WXPN 80s A-Z via Spotify Playlist (*at least as many of the songs that are available). Check out, click around, follow and stream the entire list below. Warning – it’ll take you over a week to listen straight through.

But wait – there’s more! The #XPNAtoZ conversation on Twitter surfaced a collection of “Missed Songs” which were played back post-A-Z, so we’ve collected them all in an entirely new playlist for your listening pleasure.

* Visit the official WXPN 80s A – Z page for the complete list including songs that are not available on Spotify.

WXPN 80s A-Z Playlist

CLICK HERE to load the entire playlist on Spotify

WXPN’s Missed Songs 80s A-Z

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