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Kongos | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Playing at Underground arts, four-brother band Kongos hit the stage after apparently having a rather difficult tour. Leading in that day with their apparently fake feud with their opening band Fitness on their social media account the band opened up joking about what has been going on. Earlier in the tour, they had a very real hit and run accident and have since been bussing it with Fitness.

Kongos | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

They finally got their bus back, but during their Philly show on Friday bassist Dylan Kongos was sick leading in with often times subpar vocals but still energized and trying his hardest. With the condition his throat seemed to be in, the simple fact that he came out to perform at all is incredible enough, not to mention the fact that he still hit some notes perfectly throughout the night. All band members contribute with vocals and the songs are split on who sings so it wasn’t always him but he did have big parts.

Kongos | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Kongos produces, writes, mixes, and engineers all their own music, but recently have started a youtube series called “Bus Call” documenting their life on tour. In terms of video/audio knowledge away from music, prior to this they directed their own music and have a weekly podcast called The Front Lounge. They are up to episode eight in this new series and it shows a quite realistic look into what touring is really like.

Kongos | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Overall, with all their difficulties before and during the show they still played a fantastic set and really wowed the crowd. Nothing like jamming out to great tunes less than a foot away from the stage to a great 18 song set.

Check out more photos from the show below!

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