Daddy Issues | photo by Senia Lopez for WXPN |

Bundled up music fans made their way into PhilaMOCA late last month to see a gig headlined by Nashville-based grunge pop trio Daddy Issues. The band was recently in Philadelphia supporting The Menzingers this past November. Apparently there was a man in that crowd who yelled “Mind your business” to drummer Emily Maxwell after she spoke to the audience about being kind to each other. Come on Philly, let’s be better! I am glad that Daddy Issues had a much better experience in the city this time around. I can totally say that seeing them live turned this casual listener into a full blown fan, and I look forward to hearing more from them…as well as their openers.

First to the stage was local Philadelphia band Tate. The only description on their Facebook page was “Chicken thot pie” so I really had no idea what to expect. Tate is comprised of Tate Kamish (vocals and guitar), Tori Roccia (guitar), Natalia Navarra (bass) and John Dicocco
(drums). When talking with Tate after the set, I found out that she was actually a Production Intern for WXPN two years ago! She wanted me to mention to readers of The Key that their LP release will be happening soon. In the meantime you can check them out on Bandcamp.

Tate | photo by Senia Lopez for WXPN |

Tate setlist
A Year Ago
How’s the weather
Grocery Blues
I don’t wanna
Bad Hangover

Leggy, the “Cincinnati lush punk” trio (Véronique Allaer, Kerstin Bladh, Christopher Campbell), were next to take the stage. Prior to the show I had heard a few of their songs on Spotify and was very excited to sing along to the incredibly catchy “Girls like us”. Véronique
(vocals & guitar) took a moment before playing a new song to say “A music journalist who was asked to review the song said that I should have tuned my guitar first. So fuck him.”

I’m not a music critic so, i’ll just say that Leggy had a great set & you should definitely check them out. Their next project, Let Me Know Your Moon, will be released on March 8th a.k.a. International Women’s day. You can listen to the new track “Eden” on Bandcamp now.

Leggy | photo by Senia Lopez for WXPN |

Leggy setlist
Not What You Need
Girls like us
My Room

I absolutely love the story of how the Nashville band Daddy Issues came to be. According to their website bio: “When singer and guitarist Jenna Moynihan saw the phrase ‘Daddy Issues’ scribbled on the bathroom wall of a now-defunct Nashville DIY venue, she mistakenly assumed it was the name of an all-girl punk outfit sure to become her next favorite band. Upon realizing that no such band existed, Moynihan and friends Emily Maxwell (drums) and Jenna Mitchell (bass) picked up their instruments, taught themselves how to play and started their own band.”

Daddy Issues lyrics address the complications of heartbreak, friendship, mental health, and even sexual assault. The lyrics feel like the way people in their 20s actually talk, and that is really refreshing. Jenna Mitchell, who has fond memories of listening to WXPN with her father during her childhood summer’s spent in Philly, addressed the crowd by saying “This is the biggest show we have played in Philly on our own! Thanks for making us feel warm. Like literally it is so hot in here.” She was right. The great energy of the crowd and all of the musicians did make the cold night much more pleasant.

Daddy Issues | photo by Senia Lopez for WXPN |

Daddy Issues setlist
In your head
I’m not
Locked Out
Creepy Girl
Boy of Summer (cover)
High St
Boring Girls
Dog Years

Below, check out a full gallery of photos from Daddy Issues, Leggy, and Tate’s PhilaMOCA show on January 26th.