Lizzo | still from video

In case you’ve been living under a rock this past month, Lizzo has taken the pop world by storm and her new single, “Cuz I Love You,” is no exception. The single is the title track off her upcoming album, which drops on April 19, and is a dramatic turn from the unstoppable “Juice.” By contrast, “Cuz I Love You” features a crying Lizzo who belts about how much she loves you.

The music video was directed by Quinn Wilson and was shot in black and white. The overall effect is a sweeping, nearly film noir look of Lizzo in a confessional and at the head of the alter table in a church as she sings to an audience of men in tank tops. The song’s chorus , “I’m crying /  Cuz I love you,” is sung alternately by Lizzo and by the men, which creates an interesting narrative twist that is only evident in the video. Her vocals are backed by strident horns and heavy percussion. If Lizzo proved herself to be the life of the self-confidence party with “Juice,” “Cuz I Love You” flaunts her commanding vocal presence and shows us that Lizzo is a woman of many show-stopping talents.

Check out “Cuz I Love You” below. Lizzo is scheduled to play Coachella this year and embark on a headliner tour which comes to the TLA on May 18th — but that show has been sold out pretty much since tickets became available.