Eric Gales | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Ahead of his sold-out concert at Kennett Flash tonight, blues / rock singer-songwriter Eric Gales took to the stage at World Cafe Live to showcase The Bookends, his sixteenth solo release since debuting 28 years ago.

In between roaring songs that mixed in touches of psychedelic rock and pop in with his instrumental chops, Gales also indulged in some lively banter with the crowd, speaking candidly about mental health and suicide, as well as addressing societal divisions in the United States circa right now.

“In regards to the whole country, in regards to the whole world, this is my way to make this country great again,” Gales said before joking that he was announcing his 2020 campaign for the presidency. “Nah, I am not part of that dog and pony show,” he continued. “I am part of this dog and pony show, and this, the way I see it, it brings multiple races, creeds, abd ethnicities together under one accord. Nobody is fighting, everybody is in unison, and if you can’t see that is the way to bring people together, I don’t know what you’re looking at.”

Gales also recognized his auspicious position as a male performer on International Women’s Day, and took a moment to commend La Donna Gales, his wife and drummer.

Listen to the entire performance and see photos from Eric Gales’ set below.

Eric Gales 3.8.2019