Potty Mouth | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Joining us for this Indie Rock Hit Parade live session is a band whose new album is a long-awaited (and much welcome) return. Formed in Northampton, Massachusetts nearly a decade ago, Potty Mouth stormed onto the scene with their debut album, Hell Bent, in 2013. While touring that record, they visited our studios for what is still regarded as one of the loudest World Cafe sessions ever recorded. Six years on, Potty Mouth have just released the full-length followup to Hell Bent, SNAFU. Borrowing a military parlance for its not entirely tongue-in-cheek title, SNAFU represents the determination of Potty Mouth’s members to persist in the face of personal and professional challenges. Guitarist Abby Weems, bassist Ally Einbender, drummer Victoria Mandanas and touring guitarist Kate Meizner returned to our studio on the eve of SNAFU‘s release to charge through a set of new songs. And this time they might have been even louder.

The performance begins with the album’s lead single, “22.” A hard-rocking rumination on the realities (and banalities) of aging, the song serves as a perfect re-introduction to the band’s effervescent and visceral sound. Next is the soaring “Starry Eyes,” a highlight of the new album and a showcase for Potty Mouth’s versatility. When it came time to track the session’s last song, the unrelenting “Liar,” the members shot a knowing glance at one another and asked “Should we do the jam at the end?” They totally did.

Listen to Potty Mouth’s Indie Rock Hit Parade session below and check out some of Gabriela Barbieri’s photos from the studio, as well as a video of the band performing “22”!

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And check out the band’s ‘super’ new video for “Liar” below: