Caracara | still from video

Local indie rock band Caracara continues to tease their upcoming EP, Better, with the release of a new single off the album, “New Chemical Hades.” Caracara announced the release of Better earlier this month and with this new single, Caracara’s demonstrates their dynamic range from driving rock to soft-edged, almost-ambient vibes.

While “Better” raged on for six minutes with powerful chords on the piano and energetic drums, “New Chemical Hades” takes a more tender approach. Drums are softened, guitar is light, and lead vocalist/guitarist William Lindsay’s lyrics swirl throughout. The song is influenced by the band’s love of group’s like Slowdive and M-83. Overall, “New Chemical Hades” emphasizes Caracara’s fluidity and proves that their identity as a band and abilities extend far beyond their hometown of Philadelphia.

Better will be digitally released on March 29th and available on vinyl on April 14 via Memory Music. Check out “New Chemical Hades” below.