Upholstery | Kate Raines | courtesy of the artist

Upholstery have shared the moody and ethereal video for their new single, “INGA”, which serves as the first single off their new album. The album, also titled INGA, is the Philly band’s fourth full-length release and their first on Exotic Fever Records. Produced by Johann Sebastian, the album sees the arty group exploring darker grooves. Members of Hardwork Movement, Trap Rabbit, Settled Arrows, Pattern is Movement, and West Philadelphia Orchestra all contributed to the record, making it an impressive testament to Philly’s vibrant music scene.

The video for “INGA” is a mysterious and psychedelic clip directed by Marie Alarón. Bandleader Jeremy Prouty appears in bedazzled drag, while vocalists Kate Black-Regan and Anna Young play eccentric witches. The whole thing is set in a dream-like landscape, complete with ornate flower arrangements and foggy mirrors. With this video, Upholstery provide a glimpse into the hypnotic world of their new record.

Check out the video for “INGA” below. To celebrate the release of the video and album, Upholstery will be playing a show at Johnny Brenda’s on Wednesday, May 15th. Find tickets and more information on the XPN Concert Calendar.