Junius Meyvant | photo by Makena Duffy for WXPN

“Tight” is the first word that comes to mind when describing this set by Júníus Meyvant , a soulful Iceland six-piece with outstanding musicianship and six members that melded together flawlessly, leaving every song feeling full and intricate. Júníus Meyvant’s latest release is Across the Borders (named after their journey from Iceland), and they played several songs from the album on the NPR Music stage to kick off day two of NonCOMM.

The set started off strong with “High Alert.” I was immediately captivated by the skill of the drummer who was enhancing the tune with tasteful rolls and pops. He continued this throughout the entire performance, effortlessly switching from sticks to mallets to a tambourine — I honestly couldn’t look away.

“Across the Borders” showcased a psychedelic-jam side of Júníus Meyvant, as well as the pianist’s skills. “Ain’t Gonna Let You Drown” had a rich, jazzy sound to it that was carried beautifully by the drummer’s snare. After slowing down the tempo for their last song, singer Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson thanked the crowd for their attention and encouraged a round of applause for each member of the band.

Saying that this group knows their way around their instruments is an understatement. Júníus Meyvant had to be one of my favorite sets of the convention thus far, and I look forward to hearing whatever they create next. Their 2019 release Across the Borders is out now.