Rodrigo Y Gabriela | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN

Rodrigo y Gabriela may have started off their set with a soft, lullaby-ish tune, illuminated only by a single spotlight. But don’t get too comfortable with that mellow sound, beautiful as it is, because what followed after was a loud, jarring song that gave us a taste of what heavy metal might sound like if it could only be played with two guitars. Nearly 20 years into their career, the duo is continuing to push the boundaries of guitar music, showing off the full range of what the instrument is capable of — and what they as songwriters can imagine into existence.

Their latest album, Mettavolution, is a testament to that innovation. Though the record’s 19-minute cover of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes,” didn’t fit into tonight’s set, the new release also features six original instrumental compositions, many of which we did get to hear. Influenced by everything from flamenco to rock, the Mexico City natives keep the audience on their feet, eager to hear what approach the band will take next.

Often standing face to face with their guitars in hand, Rodrigo y Gabriela engage in a conversation without any words, their narration punctuated by lighting perfectly selected to match each emotion. Even in the absence of lyrics, the listener is drawn into the band’s vulnerability; it’s as if they’ve invited us in as witnesses of their funky, fiery story as it unwinds song by song.

Rodrigo y Gabriela play Franklin Music Hall tomorrow night. Find more information on the XPN Concert Calendar.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela – NonComm 2019