Listen to Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz host the Indie Rock Hit Parade!
DJ Sad13 aka Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz | Photo by Eric Schuman

In just over six years of hosting the Indie Rock Hit Parade, I’ve had plenty of guests on the show. Usually it’s a live in-studio performance or a fun-filled DJ visit from Jon Wurster. After all this time, though, there’s one thing I’ve never had, and that’s a vacation. This past week, while I was in San Francisco, I left my beloved Friday show in the capable hands of the Hit Parade’s first-ever guest host, DJ Sad13 aka Sadie Dupuis.

Sadie’s been on the show a few times before with her band Speedy Ortiz (as recently as last fall, in fact). Have a look at Sadie’s playlist or, better yet, listen to the full show for yourself below…

Indie Rock Hit Parade with guest host Sadie Dupuis 6-7-2019

Marina Fages – Provincia
Julia Jacklin – You Were Right
Charly Bliss – Camera
Gemma – Only One
Greys – Constant Pose
Empath – Decor
Detatchment Kit – Pill Cake
Blonde Redhead – Doll Is Mine
Deerhoof – Ay That’s Me
Tacocat – The Problem
Control Top – Unapologetic
didi – haru
Dehd – Happy Again
Pinkwash – Metastatic
Jenny Lewis – Do Si Do
Sneaks – Ecstasy
Unwound – Demons Sing Love Songs
Buke and Gase – Grips
Beauty Pill – Ain’t A Jury In The World Gon’ Convict You, Baby
Menomena – Tantalus
Cherry Glazerr – Self Explained
Aye Nako – Nightcrawler
Pile – Bruxist Grin
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – Me 4 Me
Enon – Pigeneration
Palehound – Worthy
Maneka – Molly
Mal Blum – Things Still Left To Say
U.S. Maple – The State is Bad
Summer Cannibals – False Anthem
Patio – Boy Scout
Aimee Mann – Stuck in the Past
Big Thief – Century
TV On The Radio – DLZ

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