Y La Bamba | still from video

Y La Bamba ‘s new music video for “Mujeres,” the title track to its 2019 album, is exactly what the commanding, percussion-heavy song deserves. It features women of every demographic embracing and celebrating their femininity. The group’s lead singer and songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza said, “This song is a daily mantra to continue to protect and fight, for all women, for myself.”

The song and its video send a message that absolutely everyone must stop and listen to at a time like this, and I thank Mendoza for tirelessly working to dismantle the patriarchy (and in an artistically distinctive fashion, too). The way she represented the female anatomy using the female body as her art form — that’s powerful.

Watch “Mujeres” below and catch Y La Bamba at the XPoNential Music Festival on July 27th. Mujeres is out now on Tender Loving Empire.