Native Harrow | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Last month we got a taste of Native Harrow‘s arresting Folkadelphia session with “Can’t Go On Like This” and now we finally have the full thing and an opportunity to see the duo live. Their four-track Folkadelphia and The Key session from April is now streaming. Much like in their performance of “Can’t Go On Like This”, the three other songs glisten. Devin Tuel sing with her usual impressive and moving tone. The intimacy of the session makes it feel as if she’s singing right into your ear, making the already moving songs even more gripping. 

Across the session Tuel’s vocals and Stephen Harms’ playing are masterful. Harms bounces between drumming, hand percussion, and playing a baritone guitar. No matter what instrument he is using, he always crafts gorgeous, yet minimal, sonic landscapes for Tuel’s voice to inhabit. Tuel also contributes some guitar, but her vocals and songwriting steal the show.

Tomorrow night we will have a chance to see Native Harrow in all their glory at Boot & Saddle. The duo will be opening for The Brother Brothers. Hopefully they will bring the same grace and talent that they brought to their Folkadelphia session. I wouldn’t worry about it though. Across their three albums, Native Harrow have proved time and time again that they are dependably fantastic.

Find tickets and more information for Native Harrow’s Boot & Saddle show with The Brother Brothers here. Listen to the duo’s Folkadelphia session below.

Native Harrow’s third album, Happier Now, is available now.