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Philadelphia Multi-Instrumentalist and composer Vince Tampio has just released Tides, an instrumental-ambient jazz album that incorporates Tampio’s lush trumpet playing into many smooth synthesizer soundscapes. Different from anything the trumpeter has released in the past, Tides proves to be a unique sonic experience, transporting the listener into another realm with its slow-moving, atmospheric tones.

Tides begins with a light bang on “Flood,” somewhat-symbolizing the album’s long journey as a liftoff, or descent into darkness. This is quite fitting as, from that point on, Tides seems to resemble what slowly drifting through the depths of the ocean would feel like, not knowing what will come next. The album floats onward as more vivid chords changes enter the mix on “Buoyancy” and “Drift,” which feature some of Tides’ most dissonant-yet-beautiful soundscapes.

Still exhibiting its lost-at-sea vibe, the album shifts between dark and light motifs with the many chord changes on “Ebb,” still procuring its atmospheric adventure. Some points of the album feel like they were to resemble an orchestra somehow playing underwater. Guitar can be heard throughout the album as well, but not in traditional form as it blends in with the synthesizers and Tampio’s light trumpet notes.

Tides truly proves to be an exploration into what life at sea might look and feel like. With each composition, Tampio masterfully arranges the swirling synthesizers together to create his unique sonic experience. His trumpet playing syncs up with his synthesizer tweaking wonderfully and the two blend together like two similar colors tucked away in an abstract art piece. Listen to Tides below, and catch Vince Tampio at Dawson Street Pub this Saturday, June 29th.

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