Marcelyn Lebowitz | Photo by Mistycat Media

25 O’Clock is known for showcasing the stories behind musicians in the Philadelphia area, and Wednesday’s podcast was no exception. Singer Marcelyn (formally known as Marcey Lebowitz) sat down to talk with host Dan Drago on the 26th.

Marcelyn is known locally for her theatrical voice, which can be attributed to years of formal vocal training. Her sound is not classical, but her years of classical training are particularly noticeable in her debut album as Marcelyn, Indignities & Depravities, which was released last year.

On 25 O’Clock she delves into a deeper background of how she came to be as an artist. Marcelyn started taking voice lessons at age 9, attended the Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia, released her first album at 14 years old, and even went to Penn State for vocal training. The podcast also touches on things such as difficulty booking shows, working artistically with family members, bullet journaling, the temporality of high school friendships, and much more.  It’s the kind of context you only get from a thorough conversation with an artist. And since that isn’t necessarily plausible, podcasts are the next best thing.

Hear the full length podcast below, along with Marcelyn’s  Indignities & Depravities.