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Rosalía | still from video

Slowing down is not on Rosalía‘s agenda. Since releasing her acclaimed sophomore album EL MAL QUERER last fall, the Spanish artist has been consistently putting out singles. The latest drop, a double single lumped together under the title F*cking Money Man, sees Rosalía continue to push her sound and redefine modern flamenco.

“Milionària” and “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero” make up F*cking Money Man. The former is a jubilant and summery track and blends traditional flamenco tropes with cutting-edge pop production and song writing. The second song is a somber and brief track that reflects on the woes of money. Rosalía sings the title, which translates to “God Free Us From the Money” repeatedly and through a variety of effects. The track is icy and serious, a real contrast from the vibrancy of its predecessor.

Along with the singles, Rosalía has shared a music video. The video, titled “F*ucking Money Man” features both tracks. Both are performed on the set of a game show, but where “Milionària” is set against shots of Rosalía winning, she sings “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero” solemnly alone on the dark stage. The video is striking, like all of Rosalía’s work. It is just another reason why she is one to watch and a must-see at this year’s Made In America Festival.

Earlier this year Rosalía shared “Con Altura” a collaboration with J Balvin, the brash and addicting “Aute Cuture”, and was featured on James Blake‘s latest album. There is no word yet on if these singles are leading to a new album or if they are standalone releases. No matter what they lead to, they are some of the best and most exciting singles released this year.

Find tickets and more information about Made In America here. Watch the “F*ucking Money Man” video and listen to the new singles below.

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